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"Everything clicked"

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Sleepy Hollow | Bloopers vs. Actual Scene

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Ichabod crane

Is it possible the last two of the four horseman are somehow related to Ichabod as well?

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"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"










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Worth watching

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I have come to realize that for those who ship Ichabbie can keep expecting them to become a couple …I realized this after watching four weddings the vows “til death do us part” would mean that when Ichabod died he and Katrina were no longer married so that leaves a small possibility for the two witnesses can become a couple…#sleepy hollow#ichabbie

Very true!

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Anonymous said: I really want to ship Ichabbie because I feel like most everyone does, but I'm also stuck on how much they feel like siblings and how their relationship is more a friendship than a potential romantic relationship so can you pleeeease do that incredible thing where you point out all those moments I probably missed where it shows that they have feelings for each other so I can jump on board this incredible ship?





/cracks knuckles

I love these kinds of questions, because I love my otps and I love helping people ship them and subsequently ruin their lives (yes, yes, I am very helpful)

FYI I will be super crappy at citing actual episode numbers, just because it’s been a while since I watched them, but here we go in (probably not at all) roughly chronological order:

  • Ichabod and Abbie have a connection from the moment they meet, they quickly discover they’re supposed to be the witnesses, and in like the pilot episode, Ichabod is spouting off lines about how their fates are entwined (he and Killian should get together and try out their various romantic lines on their ladies, see how it goes). We’re clearly supposed to see these two together from the get-go. It’s stated multiple times that their destinies are to be forged together and they only have each other for what’s going to come and I have a terrible/wonderful thing for otps who have to literally cling to each other as the world is ending around them (see this thing I wrote for more details). Later on, we discover that they’ve had a connection from the start (remarked on by both of them) with Abbie’s great-odd grandmother being the one to help deliver Jeremy. Like they’re waving giant OTP flags at us already.
  • That said, I knew for sure I was done for in episode 3 (at least I think it was 3) with the Sandman. Abbie goes into the house with the possessed guy and it looks like there might be trouble. Ichabod FREAKS OUT and starts running to her right away, like his only instinct is that she might be in danger and he needs to help her, and her looking at him is the only thing that makes him stop. Then upon hearing if she dies in the dreamworld, she dies for real, he just gives no fucks and chugs the green hallucination tea of doom and follows her in there. It’s an episode about facing your fears and confronting them and Ichabod and Abbie fight the Sandman together and then return to the waking world half-naked and sweaty and staring at each other. Like, if they did not want me to be thinking about sex there, they did a fail. (spoiler alert they totally did want me to be thinking about sex)
  • Then with Roanoke and the lost colonists and the plague, the instant Ichabod’s life is in danger, Abbie likewise freaks out. She’s trying to keep it together and do her job, but she goes to damn church and PLEADS FOR ICHABOD’S LIFE. And when he’s safe, that’s just all she cares about and I think it was that episode where Abbie tells him that his home is here (the “with me” being very very heavily implied) and they just smile at each other and I die a lot.
  • SIN EATER OMG SIN EAAAAATTTTEEER aka the episode where Ichabod finds out that he is connected to Headless and is ready to kill himself to break the connection, and Abbie comes in and literally begs him not to do it and he calls her Abbie for the first time and once more does that terrible thing when he spouts off an impossibly romantic line about them finding each other through all the centuries despite the impossibility, and likewise oh me oh my do I have a thing for otps dealing with time and immortality and death and everything hurts and why me. Anyway, after Ichabod’s sacrifice is averted, she comes running in and just hugs him for a really long time and is like “don’t ever do that to me again” and he promises he won’t in typical Ichabod highfalutin fashion, and she says, “I don’t know what that means, just say yes,” and he says, “Yes” and I’m over here dying (once more) because DID THEY JUST GET SYMBOLICALLY MARRIED I SAY THEY DID ALL RIGHT.
  • And I think it was after this when Abbie and Ichabod go on the date to the baseball game where she teaches him how to heckle the ump (oh god I love that) and basically that entire scene is there to show them having fun and being flirty together. He gives her that fancy bow and she tells him she’ll take him to a Mets game (can we have this please ICHABOD VS. THE SUBWAY AND THE BLEACHER CREATURES I WILL SELL MY SOUL) and there’s just so much cuteness and chemistry going on that I cannot.
  • Likewise, all the scenes where we see them just being together and being really comfortable with each other, like the scene after they defeat (or so they think) Jeremy’s golem and they’re just laughing and being tired and happy and it’s so damn couple-y and he does stupid things to annoy her like sucking the straw loudly on his cup and ugh.
  • Abbie goes shopping and buys him skinny jeans. SHE BUYS HIM SKINNY JEANS AND CHECKS HIM THE FUQ OUT AND THIS WILL NEVER NOT BE THE GREATEST THING EVER. Likewise, when she’s picking the lock on the house and Ichabod is impressed by her skills and says, “Imagine what sort of delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it,” boyfriend is absolutely, 100%, unashamedly checking out her ass. It is not subtle.
  • Furthermore, see Ichabod’s absolute masterpiece of stink-eye when he meets Luke (Abbie’s ex) and is just being even more passive-aggressively arrogant and overweening than usual and it’s clear that he DOES NOT LIKE THE MAN and that is just that.
  • Plus the moment where Abbie tells Jenny about how Ichabod came into her life right when she lost Corbin and how she’s basically admitting she already doesn’t know how to live without him. And they are always fighting together and always with each other and also HEIGHT DIFFERENCE. It is beautiful.
  • That deliberate shot of them joining hands in the finale and going down into purgatory together, and that long hug where Ichabod promises Abbie that he’ll come back to her and “remember our bond” and they purposely cut to a shot of Katrina looking kind of like um what’s going on here (stfu Katrina, you are the queen of not telling anyone anything, you do not get to say something here). And from what I’ve heard, he’s like down there right away to get Abbie. It took him 13 episodes to decide to get his wife out, but Abbie’s down there and BAMMO I MUST BURST FREE FROM MY TREE COFFIN AND SAVE MISS MILLS (also grovel a lot Ichabod, like a lot, I know it’s not your fault that your kid is both grownup and completely psychotic but still)
  • Ichabod and Abbie are both written as fully fledged characters. We see their lives, their strengths, their weaknesses, their struggles with their family, their other relationships, their hopes and fears and desires. On the other hand, Katrina exists to be weepy and provide scary information that she really should have come up with like a long time ago and to give Ichabod motivation. That’s it. She is a plot device on the order of Neal (and in the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Katrina ends up marrying Brom Bones, aka Headless, and that and these reports of them forming a Beauty-and-the-Beast style relationship make me go HMMM).
  • Also consider this: one half of the ship is an extremely sassy centuries-old man with a British accent and a large vocabulary who wears a long coat, and the other half of the ship is a bamf female sheriff with a troubled past including time in the foster system who has emotional walls and lost the sheriff who was her mentor fairly early in the story and just just WHO DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF
  • So in conclusion, it’s of course fine to ship Ichabbie as brotp, but they’re pretty clearly being set up to head in the OTP direction and I cannot wait, but I will be patient and serve my time and wait out all the drama with Katrina (Milah) and Abbie’s new dude (Walsh, and I also expect this guy to be secretly evil) because I will scream as loud as I did with CS when they finally kiss and stop being idiots and get together, because this is a thing which is happening. /insert “deal with it” gif
  • So yes
  • Go forth and ship
  • Welcome to your ruined life
  • Tip your waitress I am here all week

These folks are watching too much Game of Thrones if they think Abbie and Crane are like siblings.

Can we also kill “brotp” with fire? Abbie’s not a “bro”, she’s a woman.  Just say “friendship” and keep it moving. PLEASE. 

I ship Ichabbie. And hard. Even after they are clear they are in one.


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the characters are fictional but the thirst is real


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